The actual energy in the Antahkarana

In recent a long time there has been an upsurge of the non secular as a basic part of the lives regarding many folks, in this feeling, ancient theories based on the ancient wisdom from the forefathers have been recovered. A crucial part of this kind of movement continues to be the understanding and use regarding Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) as a part of everyday life.
But what is sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) about? It is not greater than the particular geometric designs present in all the components of nature, which obey a pattern that has already been managed to bring to a numerical plane associated with formulas and also numbers, which have already been used throughout a history of man through civilizations all through the actual planet.

Although initially it had been treated like a purely religious/spiritual topic, modern day technology with its great developments has were able to observe even the smallest compounds and have decided that they obey particular patterns coinciding with those present in nature which respond to this particular idea.
But these concepts, even though at first, you can think that they may be useful just for architecture and also engineering, transcend significantly further affecting positively on the lifestyles of these who use their basic rules in their everyday lifestyles.

Understanding Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) requires the usage of the complete mind; Each hemispheres function to know the logic and also sequence in the patterns that consequently give free rein to creativity and creativity by producing countless forms based on these main figures.
Another crucial factor is that that helps to improve the particular visuospatial capacity when coming up with objects using a 3-dimensional thoughts in whose complexity requires abilities that, although they’re not really counted on, could be developed with practice, furthermore to be able to giving a new point of view to understand the particular world and all sorts of elements of nature, thus increasing your level of consciousness.

It aids deep breathing and self-knowledge by means of the particular mandalas as representations of the inner universe in the person. Each geometric figure is important for the construction and development from the external and internal universe.